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About Player Profiles Online

What does a Player Profile look like?

Our Mission

Our mission is to create a universal, completely accessible, sports profile that athletes may continually update as they advance. We provide young players in all sports with a secure, online service that is unique within the growing youth travel team industry. For the first time, players age 8 through 18 have the opportunity to create and update their entire online sports resumes for as long as they play and to whatever levels they advance.

We Encourage Parents to Get Involved!

Parents are the lifeblood of youth sports, simple as that. You invest tons of time helping your young athlete get to practice and games, and often spend significant money in the process. We encourage parents to get involved with your son or daughters' online sports resume to help them put their best foot forward. We are always happy to answer your questions about our Profiles, website, security etc.

Accessible Sports Profiles

Player Profiles Online provides a central site for players to grow their sports resumes, for future circulation among coaches, recruiters and scouts. We have spent much time to be sure our system is secure and protects the location of all children participating on our website. All while providing a comprehensive sports resume for young players in the US and Canada.

Transforming the Future

Presently, players may place their individual profiles on various websites, depending on and specific to the sports academies where they train and tournaments in which their travel teams compete. Player Profiles Online provides a single, centralized source that enables young players to market themselves in a formatted, but very unique way.


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All information and monetary transactions on our Profiles website are protected with 256-bit SSL encryption.

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